Apr 26
  • AussieWPExpert: This WordPress plugin lets you rename media files by updating their titles. URLs within posts are auto-updated: http://t.co/k0O9ulqIBe
  • AussieWPExpert: The Media Rename WordPress plugin allows you to easily rename (and retitle) your media files once uploaded – http://t.co/xHEwEEQUNE
  • AussieWPExpert: WordPress plugin AJAX Comment Loading, implements lazy loading for comments, making your site load faster – http://t.co/sCJXqdfzUL
  • AussieWPExpert: ManageWP: How to Boost WordPress Performance Drastically with Zend Optimizer+ – http://t.co/TcmLjgMHoi
  • AussieWPExpert: Lifehacker: Clever uses for Google's Reverse Image Search – http://t.co/RRMIkJ55IX

Apr 19

Apr 12
  • AussieWPExpert: This plugin provides a simple, flexible & powerful way to add jQuery UI widgets to WordPress posts, pages & widgets – http://t.co/r3mtQ5fpCX
  • AussieWPExpert: Lifehacker: Infogr.am Generates Beautiful Infographics From Custom Data – http://t.co/djoqvbfetM
  • AussieWPExpert: Blumenthals: Which Google+ HTML meta data should you use on your site – link 'rel=publisher' or 'rel=author' or both? http://t.co/h0TAXP3Xq7
  • AussieWPExpert: Lifehacker: The best ways to tweak your search when google doesn't give you what you want – http://t.co/bktmswGgG8
  • AussieWPExpert: Brief Blogs for Week Ending April 5, 2013 http://t.co/aDh25UhCa1

Apr 05