May 24
  • AussieWPExpert: Presentation slides from Vlad Lasky's WordCamp Melbourne 2013 talk "Beating Spam On Your WordPress Website": #wcmelb

Apr 26
  • AussieWPExpert: This WordPress plugin lets you rename media files by updating their titles. URLs within posts are auto-updated:
  • AussieWPExpert: The Media Rename WordPress plugin allows you to easily rename (and retitle) your media files once uploaded –
  • AussieWPExpert: WordPress plugin AJAX Comment Loading, implements lazy loading for comments, making your site load faster –
  • AussieWPExpert: ManageWP: How to Boost WordPress Performance Drastically with Zend Optimizer+ –
  • AussieWPExpert: Lifehacker: Clever uses for Google's Reverse Image Search –

Apr 19

Apr 12
  • AussieWPExpert: This plugin provides a simple, flexible & powerful way to add jQuery UI widgets to WordPress posts, pages & widgets –
  • AussieWPExpert: Lifehacker: Generates Beautiful Infographics From Custom Data –
  • AussieWPExpert: Blumenthals: Which Google+ HTML meta data should you use on your site – link 'rel=publisher' or 'rel=author' or both?
  • AussieWPExpert: Lifehacker: The best ways to tweak your search when google doesn't give you what you want –
  • AussieWPExpert: Brief Blogs for Week Ending April 5, 2013

Apr 05

Mar 29
  • AussieWPExpert: Lifehacker: How to Build Your Own Syncing RSS Reader with Tiny Tiny RSS and Kick Google Reader to the Curb –
  • AussieWPExpert: Morguefile – a source of free images/stock photos for illustration and design uses –
  • AussieWPExpert: Mihai Valentin's article on the use of template_redirect() to override WordPress's template handing algorithm –
  • AussieWPExpert: SpeckyBoy: WordPress Plugins to Help Make Your Site Responsive –
  • AussieWPExpert: Namaste! LMS is a Free
    Learning Management System
    For WordPress –
  • AussieWPExpert: WarriorForum: Interesting debate between Yoast and Stallion regarding WordPress SEO best practices –
  • AussieWPExpert: Blogigs: 10 Free And Responsive WordPress Themes –
  • AussieWPExpert: WebNetHosting: WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal – CMS Popularity War –
  • AussieWPExpert: SmartCompany: Top 10 tips for optimising adwords –
  • AussieWPExpert: Yoast's classic guide on structuring the headings on your WordPress blog for improved SEO –
  • AussieWPExpert: Brief Blogs for Week Ending March 22, 2013

Mar 22
  • AussieWPExpert: Vladimir Lasky to Present Talk on Reducing WordPress Website Spam at WordCamp Melbourne 2013
  • AussieWPExpert: Vladimir Lasky Joins WordPress Firewall 2 Development Team
  • AussieWPExpert: sdavismedia: Why You Really Don’t Know How to Use the Thesis 2 WordPress Theme And What You Need to Do About It –
  • AussieWPExpert: Brief Blogs for Week Ending March 15, 2013

Mar 15

Mar 08

Mar 01
  • AussieWPExpert: WordPress plugin Color Scheme every Theme lets you change the colours of any theme via the theme customizer:
  • AussieWPExpert: How to test which of the WordPress Jetpack plugin's modules are enabled using PHP code:
  • AussieWPExpert: How to set up numbered page navigation in the WordPress Thesis theme version 1.x:
  • AussieWPExpert: WordPress plugin Conversation Starter increases user participation by prompting them to answer questions in the post:
  • AussieWPExpert: WordPress plugin "Where did they go from here" show what else readers who viewed a page also viewed on the site –
  • AussieWPExpert: WP Author Slug plugin improves WordPress security by preventing login names from appearing in the author archive URL:
  • AussieWPExpert: WordPress plugin Simple Pagination lets you set up advanced pagination for posts and comments, with 6 stylesheets:
  • AussieWPExpert: WP-AutoSharePost plugin automatically shares WordPress posts on facebook/twitter and scrapes the facebook comments:
  • AussieWPExpert: plugin Really Static creates static html files from your WordPress blog whenever a post/comment is published/edited:
  • AussieWPExpert: WordPress plugin Real IP 4 Comments corrects post commenters' IP addresses when they are accessing behind a proxy –
  • AussieWPExpert: Plugin lets you publish/embed your Tweets to your WordPress blog automatically or manually with a single click –
  • AussieWPExpert: WPExplorer: My Useful WordPress Snippets List By Remi Corson –
  • AussieWPExpert: WP Page Widget lets you customise the widgets displayed for each WordPress page, post and custom post type –
  • AussieWPExpert: Brief Blogs for Week Ending February 22, 2013