Dec 30
  • AussieWPExpert: Great blog article on the pitfalls of outsourcing: "Why I Will Never Feel Threatened by Cheap Overseas Programming":
  • AussieWPExpert: Slashdot discussion: "Does Outsourcing Programming Really Save Money?". My own experiences lean towards "No":
  • AussieWPExpert: Interesting Slashdot Discussion: "How Does a Self-Taught Computer Geek Get Hired?" –
  • AussieWPExpert: From SmartCompany: Why you should never say "I don’t know" to a potential customer or possibly anybody:
  • AussieWPExpert: SmartCompany: 11 Facebook page tab tips –
  • AussieWPExpert: PHP code snippet to convert a string with comma-separated name=value pairs into an array:
  • AussieWPExpert: Lifehacker’s Top 10 Photo Fixing and Image Editing Tricks:
  • AussieWPExpert: The Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors List for 2011 by CWE/SANS – a must read for all developers:
  • AussieWPExpert: Review of various low cost SSL certificate services – useful if you need to secure your site using HTTPS:
  • AussieWPExpert: Two WordPress plugins that let you grab images from any URL and save them in your media library:

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