Jan 06
  • AussieWPExpert: From Weblog Tools Collection: Finding background patterns – http://t.co/XQ9fZJtz
  • AussieWPExpert: The Page-Theme plugin lets you have different themes on each Page/Post but needs to be fixed to work with WordPress 3.3 http://t.co/RngtxKzC
  • AussieWPExpert: A review of the WYSIWYG WordPress template creation tool Artisteer (summary – good tool, but produces bloated CSS): http://t.co/BN75jHL2
  • AussieWPExpert: From Appstorm: "50 Brilliant Apps to Enhance Your Twitter Experience" – http://t.co/P7RHqq68
  • AussieWPExpert: Esteemed WordPress developer Vladimir Prelovac’s WordPress Optimisation Bible: http://t.co/drCzBwdF
  • AussieWPExpert: How to create a contact page in WordPress without a plugin: http://t.co/10QhytTa
  • AussieWPExpert: PHP code snippet to convert a URL inside a string to a complete HTML hyperlink: http://t.co/AbcAt8yF
  • AussieWPExpert: Useful copy-and-paste online tool adds HTML hyperlinks to plain text with URLs: http://t.co/KRIoVZ4X
  • AussieWPExpert: MasteringAPI – guides and tutorials for popular Web APIs including Facebook, Google and Twitter: http://t.co/x2Y24CUo
  • AussieWPExpert: Bootstrap – a WordPress theme built using the Twitter Bootstrap Framework: http://t.co/Moq8dUWg
  • AussieWPExpert: WordPress Sentinel is a plugin, like File Monitor Plus, for detecting changes to files in your WP installation: http://t.co/1foovZcL
  • AussieWPExpert: Highlight Author Comments in WordPress (Like a Boss): http://t.co/mdJdonnW
  • AussieWPExpert: From SmartCompany: 17 Fan Page Posting Ideas – http://t.co/sjc89tXV
  • AussieWPExpert: Revolution Code Blue – A freely available classic WP Theme by Brian Gardner, creator of the Genesis Framework: http://t.co/FGcWTHLh
  • AussieWPExpert: From Elance: 10 Online Resources for Graphic and Web Designers: http://t.co/L3C4siyM

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