Oct 28
  • AussieWPExpert: WP Ajax Query allows you asynchronously retrieve WordPress posts in JSON format. Same syntax as WP_Query class: http://t.co/7VeYnJJN
  • AussieWPExpert: Mini Mail Dashboard Widget lets you send/receive emails in WP admin panel and get SMS alerts when msgs/comments arrive: http://t.co/9BGBJjHu
  • AussieWPExpert: TinyFeed is a WordPress widget which retrieves and displays Twitter feeds via AJAX, which loads faster than RSS widget: http://t.co/xoUNfmWR
  • AussieWPExpert: The Ajaxize plugin makes any WordPress or plugin PHP function callable via asynchronous AJAX requests http://t.co/OVyo7VM6
  • AussieWPExpert: Security plugin WordPress File Monitor Plus detects changes to your WordPress installation and sends email alerts: http://t.co/CkUHrEIy
  • AussieWPExpert: Ad Logger for WordPress is a plugin for logging clicks on embedded iframe adverts and other social network buttons: http://t.co/9zwZVdvX
  • AussieWPExpert: Using Facebook Comments Box Social Plugin on a WP site? Make comments indexable by search engines: http://t.co/rFzK9OxN http://t.co/l0MMAaim
  • AussieWPExpert: WP Glee – a collection of useful WordPress PHP code snippets: http://t.co/sWP2NJ4T
  • AussieWPExpert: SharePress – commercially supported WP plugin that automatically publishes content to Facebook Profiles and Fan Pages: http://t.co/56lYOml5
  • AussieWPExpert: make_clickable() – WordPress function that takes a string with URLs and turns them into clickable hyperlinks: http://t.co/n3zwaV9g
  • AussieWPExpert: New blog post: Brief Blogs for Week Ending October 21, 2011 http://t.co/0DPQMEzc

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